We are committed to providing Affordable & Efficient Green Energy Solutions to Homes and Business!

Through Island Technology Co., Ltd., we have been in the technology industry for over 20 years and in that time, we have witnessed changes in people's lifestyle, increased energy demand, increased electronic waste and ultimately climate change in Phuket & throughout Thailand. As energy demand is increasing rapidly, the energy unit costs are also increasing.

We are committed to bringing Affordable, Efficient and Renewable Energy Solutions to every Home and Business in Phuket and throughout Thailand, by leveraging Innovative Technologies, high quality products and providing Excellent Customer Service.


What our customers say

I have been working with Island Technology for my business and when they told me that they were launching a new branch for renewable energy, I did not hesitate a second. Not easy to find a reliable contractor in Phuket that will listen and understand your needs instead of trying to sell you what they want. I am so happy with the outcome. I’ve installed a 10Kw system and my electrical bill went down drastically from over 10,000 Baht a month down to just over 3,000 Baht now. I would highly recommend them not only for their IT business but also for their solar energy. Great team to work with.

Mr. M, Phuket

Smarter Energy Solution is a new renewable energy company in Phuket. Very professional attitude and not only selling solar panels but also providing you very useful tips on how to lower your electrical bills. Their price is very competitive compared to what I could find here in Phuket. I have installed in my house a 6Kw system and was so surprised to see how much money I could save on my electrical bill !. Thanks a lot for your professional approach and useful tips. I wish I did this installation years ago !

Mr. Peter, Phuket

My wife and I have been looking for a professional solar energy company for our house in Phuket for years. Smarter Energy Solution is actually a branch of Island Technology. Those guys are serious people and operate in Phuket and south of Thailand for 20 years. So we did not hesitate to consult them and what a surprise with their very affordable proposal. They promised a return on our investment in just over 4 years. And we also signed a contract guaranteeing the savings. So far, we are very happy with the results. These guys are smart and very professional. We have a 10KW on grid system and can save over 7000 Baht every month. They are also doing all the administrative submissions to PEA for us to resell whatever energy we do not use. GO GREEN. Wishing Khun Gay and her team all the success they deserve and highly recommend their services.

Mr. Mike, Phuket

เป็นลูกค้าไอส์แลนด์เทคโนโลยีมาหลายปี ดีใจที่มีเทคโนโลยีโซล่ารูฟให้บริการเพราะว่าศึกษามาซักพักแล้วค่ะ อยากใช้พลังงานธรรมชาติมาลดค่าไฟของที่บ้านบ้าง เลยลองปรึกษาดู ดีนะคะ ที่นี่เค้ามีเจ้าหน้าที่เค้ามาสำรวจพื้นที่หลังคา ดูองศาแดด คำนวณปริมาณการผลิตไฟฟ้าให้เหมาะกับปริมาณจริงที่บ้านเราใช้อยู่ แล้วทำเสนอราคา ขั้นตอนสำรวจเหล่านี้ก็ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่ายเลย ประทับใจมากค่ะ

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